Zone Of The Enders : Online Arena

ZOEOA is a project owned and created by Reinier Espendez Jr.
 and many great friends which will be listed in the final release of the game.(Omphai, Azure, and Comet to name a few)
It is a fan-made, non-profit Zone Of The Enters tribute developed for three purposes:

*to bring ZOE to the PC for the very first time
*to create a fresh new mecha experience and deviate from the over-milked "Gundam mods"
*to provide a decent sidestory of ZOE with brand new mechs, attacks, and additional content.

Zone Of The Enders : Online Arena is single player, and multi-player capable, whether split-screen or online. ?
These features came included with the award-winning Ultimate Knight ; Windom XP engine, by CuriousFactory:

The reason ZOE : OA is considered slightly above ordinary mods is because of its completely revamped content suchas new abilities, better-looking mechs, and more.

Can my computer handle it?

NOTE: the requirement for ZOE : OA is actually lower.
Instead of using the engines default HDR shaders and shadows, you will be able to use the graphics-optimized ENB shaders, created by Borris Vorontosov, but properly tweaked by the ZOE : OA staff for optimal performance in all areas while achieving next-gen console appearances.

Minimum system specs:

OSWindows XP/Vista (1)CPUPentium 4 1.4 GHz or better.Memory512MB or better.
64 MB of VRAM or better.Graphics64 MB of VRAM or better. 
A graphics card that supports DirectX9.0c or greater. (2) 
GeForce or Radeon graphics card recommended. 
Anything other than the items listed above may result in noticeable slowdown.SoundA soundcard that supports DirectX8 or greater.SoftwareThe latest version of DirectX. 
.NET Framework 2.0 or greater. 
*Please download this free software from the internet and install it on your computer.

(1): Under Windows Vista 1 GB of memory or better is required.
(2): In order to use the shader function (HDR/Shadows) your video card must support Pixel Shaders 2.0 or greater. If you have a video card that does not support it, you can turn the shader function off in the game's setup screen and play without HDR or shadow effects. 

When will the complete version come out?

The date is not officially decided yet, but we hope to complete it sometime before June 2011.

How do I contact you?

Well, there are two ways:
Either you may send an email to :     zoefanproject@hotmail.com       ,  leave a comment on the "Feedback" section. Or just send Helldiver450 a personal message on youtube.